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Our stands are renowned worldwide for their quality, robustness and longevity. We are proud of the fail-safe nature of these and that we manufacture every one with the same care and attention to detail. By combining competitive pricing with unmatched durability, we deliver the best return on investment in the industry.

Being a certified CFM licensee, our product design, build and testing complies with the OEM’s specification and criteria. Our stands are manufactured in the UK out of S690QL steel (100KIPS) that allows our design to distribute the load of the engine through the cradle frame.


Our transportation stands combine strength with unparalleled shock and vibration protection.
  • Our cradles are fitted with a purpose made lifting jack so that with the base removed, it can be raised to a height allowing aviation Engineers to work in confined spaces.
  • Our castors are designed to support ease of transportation by enabling 360 manoeuvrability with the unique dual wheel feature.
  • Our arms are removable for superior access to all areas of the engine during bootstrap operations and general work in the hanger.
  • Our braces are removable for engine change and maintenance operations.

Absorbers for shock protection

Reliability with our ultra-strong shock absorbers

Easy to handle

Polyurethane castors for easy manoeuvrability

Trade-in available

For manufactured Frank Brown stands

fold down cradle design

Our fold down cradle design supports storage limitations, ease of transportation and their shipping costs.

Auxiliary power unit (APU)

Our APU stands are manufactured with the same quality and precision as our powerplant stands.


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