A New Era for FrankBrown Aviation: What Our New Ownership and Structure Mean for You

The aviation industry is perpetually evolving, and so are we at FrankBrown Aviation. With our new ownership and revamped organisational structure, we’re not just embracing change; we’re leading it!

This transformation signifies a new era for us, and most importantly, for you, our valued customers. In this blog, we’ll delve into how these changes are set to redefine your experience with us.

Enhanced Efficiency, Enhanced Value

Streamlined Supply Chain: One of the most significant shifts under our new ownership is the overhaul of our supply chain. By optimising our processes and fostering stronger relationships with suppliers, we’ve achieved a level of efficiency that is not just about speed but also about precision and reliability. This means we can provide you with faster turnaround times without compromising the quality that FrankBrown Aviation is known for.

Cost Savings Translated to You: Efficiency in our operations isn’t just an internal benefit – it directly impacts you. With a more streamlined supply chain, we’ve managed to cut down on operational costs. What does this mean for our customers? We are now able to pass these savings directly to you, ensuring that you receive not only the best in quality but also the best in value.

New Structure, New Possibilities

Customer-Centric Approach: The restructuring of our organisation has allowed us to focus more deeply on what matters most – you. Our new structure enhances our ability to listen to your needs and respond with agility. Whether it’s custom tooling requirements or specific engine stand needs, our team is poised to provide solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

Enhanced Product Range at Competitive Prices: Embracing change also means expanding our horizons. With the new ownership, we have widened our product range, especially in our flagship offerings like CFM Engine transportation stands and CFM tooling. But here’s the best part – despite the expansion in our product range, we have managed to keep our pricing competitive. This is the result of our improved operational efficiencies and a testament to our commitment to providing you with the best.

Looking Ahead

As we step into this new era, our focus remains steadfast on providing top-tier, OEM-certified tooling, servicing and maintenance of equipment at competitive prices, via our FrankBrown Aviation Care Package. But more than that, we are here to build lasting relationships based on trust, quality, and value.

Your support and feedback have been integral to our journey, and as we embark on this new chapter, we invite you to continue this journey with us. At FrankBrown Aviation, it’s not just about the products we offer; it’s about the experiences we create and the successes we share.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to soar to new heights. And please do reach out if you want to speak to one of us at FrankBrown Aviation. We’ll be delighted to help in anyway we can. Together, let’s redefine the skies!