Auxiliary Power

Frank Brown & Son manufacture a wide range of APU tools and equipment for Boeing & Airbus Applications.

Please note that this page only shows a small selection of items that we manufacture, contact us for more comprehensive information.

B737 NG APU cradle and F72950-158 Transportation dolly



Fishpole hoist with dual air motor and manual drive. The hoist has a fully enclosed winding drum which is self sustaining throughout the load range and provides a 35 ft raising and lowering facility which with air motor drive gives a raising speed of 7 ft/minute and a lowering speed of 10ft/minute.


Fishpole hoist - manual drive B737


A33/A340 APU change equipment

Consisting of FB541-600-A330/A340 AM fishpole hoist assy APU/THS actuator. Dual airmotor and manual drive FB541-LB-600-A330/A340 lifting beam APU FB541-SF-600-A330/A340 APU dolly.

A330/A340 aircraft.
This hoist is also available as a manual drive only model and in variants applicable to the Airbus A300/A310/A319/A320-A321 range of aircraft